Saturday, July 7, 2012

i thought of this months ago

Okay so I'm watching the BET awards and just fell in love with Miguel's outfit (and his date I'm a do an inspirational look for her next week). It was all red, one of me fave colors next to orange and pink; but it was red on red. Months ago I fell in love with something I call 'SOLIDI ZING' its taking all solid colors of the same color and wearing them. I thought about doing looks like that because I am not a fan of color blocking; I'm into fashion but I hate color blocking, unless it neon or brights. I would give or try to put some of my customers into looks like this but some were afraid of doing all one color or some feel like,if everything is not one shade then its off. NOT TRUE....granted all Miguel's reds matched, it was cool. I like different shades, and textures being mixed it adds another dimension to a look one may consider to be boring but adding texture and hues offers something else. I got this jumpsuit at Ashley Stewart (all dresses/jumpsuits are 30% off) it was only $20,jewelry was buy 1 get 1 50% off, the blazer was thrift-ed, shoes are like 2 years old I got from Bare feet, and hand bags came from Marshall's. Being a lil on the plump side i was afraid to do this look but when i saw me.....OOOO WEEEEE, BABY BYE, I'M FYE.......YOU ALREADY KNOW, GET WIT IT OR GET LOST


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