Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I am Brand D. Professional licensed hair stylist and makeup artist. I've always been into beauty, so it only felt right to pursue my career in the beauty industry as a Cosmetologist.

 I began my journey in this field back in 2008. At the time I wasn't really motivated to be in school for hair or makeup. I did it because it was something that came easy to me and just knew I would get through it and be on my way to being a stylist. But after only putting in 473 credit hours of work, I left and chose to work in retail.

I managed fashion retail stores like Ashley Stewart and DOTS. But after seven years of working a REGULAR 9-5, dealing with too many personalities; I just couldn't take the HEADACHE anymore. I was too young to be under so much pressure and stress to try to please 'over worked and under paid' higher management. I soon realized this is not the path for me; agreed I enjoy being helpful to the public, I love the conversations with random people on a daily basis and the ability to gain a level of trust with customers.  But it just wasn't ENOUGH for me to say "IM DOING THIS FOREVER AND EVER".

EPHINANY a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

Just like that I had one ^ !!! Back to Cosmetology school I went. Nothing stopped me, I had my third child while in my studies, worked part time, and did it in ONE YEAR TWO WEEKS to be exact.

Currently I am my own my boss and only cater to ME, MY BEAUTIFULL CLIENTELE(really they are all a blessing and teach me a lot even when they don't know they're schooling me) and ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GRACE MY PRESENCE AND TAKE A TURN WITH ME BRAND D.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I AM VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I WILL BE WORKING WITH LONI SWAIN OF WGCI TO DO HAIR. Networking can be great and so can word of mouth. It is very important to keep a good work ethic,positive attitude, and positive energy anytime you work with anyone. You never know who you could come across when you do gigs. I just so happen to be doing the make-up for models, at an upcoming jewelry designer(Kim Essex of ESSEXORIES) a few weeks ago and the ladies loved my work. The designer has a daughter whose involved in the broadcasting/media world(Briana Fachon Daniels like her FB) and she was at the show and we talked about my talents; next thing I know I'm checking my emails and there is opportunity waiting for the rest is going to be my history. BUT THIS GOES TO SHOW YOU, OPPORTUNITY SOMETIMES COMES KNOCKING AND WHEN IT DOES YOU MUST ANSWER IT OR IT WON'T COME AGAIN, BUT OFTEN TIMES, OPPORTUNITY DOESN'T KNOCK YOU MUST KICK THAT DOOR DOWN AND GO IN FULL FORCE(OPTIMUS PRIME IN THIS BIACTH) 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Classic looks are what I strive for, the more you get to know me the more you'll see that I'm really simple with my looks but occasionally will add a trend to the mix or something corky; that's just me. I don't try to do  too much,who wants to look like they tried hard at something...not me and I'm pretty sure you don't want to either. So the trend I wanted to follow this time, was 'ombre lips'. I first seen it done with bold colors;like blue. Was not a fan until I saw it done in orange by this 'You Tuber'.
so I took a shot at it but I kept it soft; by doing my pin up girl inspired makeup. I kept a nude eye, with neat bold eyeliner, stand out eyebrow, and of course the famous red lip. To keep it on the soft sexy side, I used a brown lip liner, and a NYX lipstick in Bruised. Try this lip trend next time you got a date,going to the club or even work. I wore a rust/gold ombre to work the other day, the ombre lip trend is definitely a bold look but it can be kept classy and not over powering by keeping the shades on the normal side. I hope to see some of you all pics with this trend....don't be scared be BAD....always in a good way ;-) 
'1badbrand' my you tube channel
there's a tutorial on this look and so much more stalk me 

Monday, July 9, 2012


Anyone who knows me knows hair/make-up is my thing, I'm getting back into 'my craft' now. I took a couple of years for me to realize that I needed to work with my craft inside of against it;and for years I did. I've always been into fashion and spent last six years of my life managing fashion retail in popular chain stores, but that's not for me anymore. Thursday I quite my job to pursue my career,to take charge of my future. I'm a lil scared of what's to come but I'm going to keep faith in me and what I know I'm capable of and its waaaayyy more than what I was doing. Everyone is like,'I don't know why you quite hair school in the first place'. I just tell them it wasn't for YOU to figure out, I to be ready. And now I am most certain I'm ready; no more dealing with rude(not to mention ghetto, ratchet) customers who swim no drown in the river of denial(get it the Nile river...ha ha ha) anytime you give them a size larger than what they 'think' they are. No more superiors who think the company belongs to them so they act as such and they just as disposable as the next nig**, but who cares farewell to all that fuckery....I'm breathing again because I'm free to do me..THE ONLY PERSON WHO SETS YOUR FUTURE IS YOU

check out this link it is very helpful for hopefuls

Saturday, July 7, 2012

i thought of this months ago

Okay so I'm watching the BET awards and just fell in love with Miguel's outfit (and his date I'm a do an inspirational look for her next week). It was all red, one of me fave colors next to orange and pink; but it was red on red. Months ago I fell in love with something I call 'SOLIDI ZING' its taking all solid colors of the same color and wearing them. I thought about doing looks like that because I am not a fan of color blocking; I'm into fashion but I hate color blocking, unless it neon or brights. I would give or try to put some of my customers into looks like this but some were afraid of doing all one color or some feel like,if everything is not one shade then its off. NOT TRUE....granted all Miguel's reds matched, it was cool. I like different shades, and textures being mixed it adds another dimension to a look one may consider to be boring but adding texture and hues offers something else. I got this jumpsuit at Ashley Stewart (all dresses/jumpsuits are 30% off) it was only $20,jewelry was buy 1 get 1 50% off, the blazer was thrift-ed, shoes are like 2 years old I got from Bare feet, and hand bags came from Marshall's. Being a lil on the plump side i was afraid to do this look but when i saw me.....OOOO WEEEEE, BABY BYE, I'M FYE.......YOU ALREADY KNOW, GET WIT IT OR GET LOST


Friday, July 6, 2012

doing me and you should do the same

A few weeks ago I was at some of my local stores just browsing and came across a few pieces that I just instantly knew I could come up with a outfit. Thanks to Ross,Marshall's, and my local salvation army, I was able to complete my looks. I'm not one whose big on names(if i had the $ i would be) long as it look good; I'm the only one who see the tag in the inside, so to hell for those who got something to say. I did me in these looks and so should you, put on what you want, wear it how envisioned it....someone somewhere gone like it....and even if they don't; shit you like it and that's all that matters. Tell them folks, GET WIT IT OR GET LOST!  #1badbrand

Friday, June 29, 2012


I got these shorts from DOTS, they have decent,stylish,trendy, and lets not for get affordable clothes. But it be some folks up in there getting stuff they have no business wearing. Y'all know what I'm talking bout, belly hanging,dimpled out thigh having, I'm a buy a large even though I'm a 2X; type of chicks. THEY OUT HERE WILD!!! I by no means necessary can talk about somebody but I'm a talk about this cause some women out here don't understand the word 'flattering'. You the only one who see's the size tag any way so STOP BUYING YOUR CLOTHES TOO SMALL!!!!! 

I'm talking bout SHORTS today, if your shorts are....
1.steady scrunching from your thighs rubbing, maybe a larger size is needed
(this one happens to a lot of chicks but if you pulling them every 5 know)

2. cuffing under your butt to wear we see yo dark meat, maybe you need a larger pair

3. too tight to wear and everyone but you, see that muffin top spilling out on every side of you, and for the ladies with  the big bellies(I'm one too) tuck that shit, and if you can't tuck it then maybe you need a larger size