Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I AM VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I WILL BE WORKING WITH LONI SWAIN OF WGCI TO DO HAIR. Networking can be great and so can word of mouth. It is very important to keep a good work ethic,positive attitude, and positive energy anytime you work with anyone. You never know who you could come across when you do gigs. I just so happen to be doing the make-up for models, at an upcoming jewelry designer(Kim Essex of ESSEXORIES) a few weeks ago and the ladies loved my work. The designer has a daughter whose involved in the broadcasting/media world(Briana Fachon Daniels like her FB) and she was at the show and we talked about my talents; next thing I know I'm checking my emails and there is opportunity waiting for the rest is going to be my history. BUT THIS GOES TO SHOW YOU, OPPORTUNITY SOMETIMES COMES KNOCKING AND WHEN IT DOES YOU MUST ANSWER IT OR IT WON'T COME AGAIN, BUT OFTEN TIMES, OPPORTUNITY DOESN'T KNOCK YOU MUST KICK THAT DOOR DOWN AND GO IN FULL FORCE(OPTIMUS PRIME IN THIS BIACTH) 

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