Monday, July 9, 2012


Anyone who knows me knows hair/make-up is my thing, I'm getting back into 'my craft' now. I took a couple of years for me to realize that I needed to work with my craft inside of against it;and for years I did. I've always been into fashion and spent last six years of my life managing fashion retail in popular chain stores, but that's not for me anymore. Thursday I quite my job to pursue my career,to take charge of my future. I'm a lil scared of what's to come but I'm going to keep faith in me and what I know I'm capable of and its waaaayyy more than what I was doing. Everyone is like,'I don't know why you quite hair school in the first place'. I just tell them it wasn't for YOU to figure out, I to be ready. And now I am most certain I'm ready; no more dealing with rude(not to mention ghetto, ratchet) customers who swim no drown in the river of denial(get it the Nile river...ha ha ha) anytime you give them a size larger than what they 'think' they are. No more superiors who think the company belongs to them so they act as such and they just as disposable as the next nig**, but who cares farewell to all that fuckery....I'm breathing again because I'm free to do me..THE ONLY PERSON WHO SETS YOUR FUTURE IS YOU

check out this link it is very helpful for hopefuls

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